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Lilcuppa Lilcuppa 70+, F 10 Responses Nov 17, 2012

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I like!!!!!

I'm blank.
I keep starring at the picture but nothing comes to my mind. *-*

Keeps the eye moving =]

I look at that and the first thing that I see is ( 2 ) 2 1/2 connections and a five inch streamer cap. The next thing that I see is the fact that the hub has a lot of wear on it. Which makes me wonder is it from the fire service use. Or people using it during the warm weather as a way to cool off. Illegal use of hydrants scare me because you never know what kind of condition that you will find it in when you tie into it.

I guess that was a life time of firefighting coming out. You would think that now that I am retired from that I would look at it differently. lol

me and my camera look at it with love.

So do I. They have saved my *** a number of times. How could I not love them.

I wonder how many people get hurt trying to cool themselves off with these things. Like if they opened it without taking the caps off first.

You can charge the hydrant with the caps on. But it will not drain out of the barrel when you shut it down again. The vacuum prevents the water from draining. Thats why you tend to find frozen hydrants in the winter. Because the water remained in the barrel part of the hydrant and froze. Yeah, I spent too many years using those things............went for being on the hydrant to being on the knob (nozzle) inside of a fire.

I was in charge of the fire protection stuff at my last job. Winterizing hydrants was a boring part of our winterization program, but much preferred to a frozen hydrant.

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Red's my favorite color......I like it!

its like...Redness overload you can almosttasteit.

thank you. :)

What a weird looking Hydrant. I bet it isn't FM aproved.

no im betting not. not after i strutted all over it hehe. hi Fire!! :)

Helloo Pixie!

I would take that bet. Fire Mutal approved hydrants come in many shapes. Not all of the hydrants come in the Kennedy style. I would be more concerned about what NFPA says then FM.

hey i dunno what this is you speak of but the damn thing is lilcuppa approved for sure ay?
now i hafta google those things and cram more stuff in my head. :)

I will save you the trouble lol FM is an insurance underwriter.
NFPA is the National Fire Protection Assc. That is a trade group that writes a lot of guidelines on fire fighting eqp. , turnout gear, Fire engines and pumps. Etc.
They are also the group that writes the standard for electrical codes that are normally made into law by states and local goverments etc.

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*watches cuppa do the peacock* ..... you strut, girl !!!! .... nice shot !!!!

i twisted my ankle on the last go round im gonna sit down for a min. o.O

a lil karmic smack on the *** ay?

Nah !!! .... just bask in the glow !! .... be proud of what you do well ..... *fluffs up cuppa's feathers*

Love it!!! Gawd, look at those colors

i wanted to eat it the minute i got it. :)


yes class, all those things Goliath and everyone else mentioned are amazing shots. lol my ego is doing the peacock.
if i could buy you all a real cuppa coffee i would you know that right?

*Mind blown*

oh stoppit. lol. its so RED though.