Lilcuppa Lilcuppa
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9 Responses Nov 17, 2012

I like!!!!!

I'm blank.
I keep starring at the picture but nothing comes to my mind. *-*

Keeps the eye moving =]

Red's my favorite color......I like it!

its like...Redness overload you can almosttasteit.

thank you. :)

What a weird looking Hydrant. I bet it isn't FM aproved.

no im betting not. not after i strutted all over it hehe. hi Fire!! :)

Helloo Pixie!

hey i dunno what this is you speak of but the damn thing is lilcuppa approved for sure ay?
now i hafta google those things and cram more stuff in my head. :)

*watches cuppa do the peacock* ..... you strut, girl !!!! .... nice shot !!!!

i twisted my ankle on the last go round im gonna sit down for a min. o.O

a lil karmic smack on the *** ay?

Nah !!! .... just bask in the glow !! .... be proud of what you do well ..... *fluffs up cuppa's feathers*

Love it!!! Gawd, look at those colors

i wanted to eat it the minute i got it. :)


yes class, all those things Goliath and everyone else mentioned are amazing shots. lol my ego is doing the peacock.
if i could buy you all a real cuppa coffee i would you know that right?

*Mind blown*

oh stoppit. lol. its so RED though.