First Of December - First Frost

DancingFox DancingFox
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I just love your pictures honey. :)

Awwww thanks sweetie. I think I'm not doing too bad given that I'm using a very basic compact digital camera.

You have a REALLY good eye. :)

Thanks. It's called an autistic eye. Narrow focus, seeing the details and not the big picture, etc ;) See, it has its advantages!

I think you've found what you should retrain in sweetness. :)

... you serious?


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how is that frost? it looks like a limb

It's an allegory.

still dont see no frost missy

What do you think the white stuff on the twig is?

*goes off and buys you a pair of glasses*

* i dont see no white stuff on the twig and thanks for the glass'e u can ship em to


I definitely should. Admittedly, the picture comes up very small. Have a look here:

Definitely frost ;)

.lol im just givin u ****

I like feeding trolls.

.haha im not a troll >:( ur in my circle goofy

yes im serious we were friends at one point guess u unadded me??

Yeah, I remember you! I go through phases where I take people who don't talk to me much off my circle. Because, you know, I'm a bit of a mean ***** at heart!

lol well im sorry sweets give me a second chance?

Since you ask it so nicely... ok then.

lol ok and ill keep in touch with u as much as i can if not dont be afraid to cuss me lol

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