Death To Peewee Herman

"No officer, I had no idea what he was doing in my garage. Just started up the Miata and was pulling out.

"Truthfully, I enjoyed Pee Wee's silly show and idiotic movies. I was only five years old or so. No grudge at all. 

"I harbored no animosity when he was arrested and convicted for showing his weenie, or something like that, in a men's bathroom. Non-event. I probably was seven.

"No clue why he woke up and climbed down from the old doll box. Maybe couldn't sleep with Barbie and Ken fooling around. Yes sir, that was a joke."

" . . . and, Pee Wee, if you don't keep your fooken mouth shut and stuff that silly laugh, Imma gonna rip your tongue out."

"Um, no officer. Didn't say a word."

HootieBootieInLuv HootieBootieInLuv 26-30, F 8 Responses Dec 22, 2012

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I only saw one movie, never the show because it didn't make it across the big pond.

ahhh to be young again....I had to look this guy up.

Ahhh perspective. His silly humor and short-lived presence was a bit before my time and understanding yet significantly past your point of view of the Harding Administration and the 'Roaring 20's'. Meet in the middle.

Give me a break....FDR and the first great liberal failure.

As PeeWee would say...
Take a picture it lasts longer!

I loved that crazy TV show. It was surreal, like childhood on acid.

And if that's your garage floor, it's obscenely clean. And is Pee Wee salvageable?

It's an epoxy seal I put over the concrete floor in the garage when I moved it. Shiny, bright, easy to clean and adds a splash of color.

Mr. Herman, who was actually arrested for ******* off in a XXX Theatre (umm, wasn't that accepted behavior at **** theatres??), was in a green, plastic storage box along with Barbies, Raggedy Anns, Snow White and Cinderella (Ooo, the temptations). Lots of green, plastic storage boxes stacked five high in three columns on the wall in the garage. Bad move.

After several years of gentle car nudges a complete structural failure and the boxes came tumbling down along with a somersaulting Pee Wee. Backed up. Felt his feet go crunch.

Oh man. So sad. Nice storytelling, though! :-)

This got me laughing at 5 in the morning..... I always thought he was creepy but this was a riot!! :D


Cool shot. Now back up and try again... you barely nicked him. Second time's the charm.

But, but, but I love that stupid goofball!!!! You couldn't have killed Pee Wee...darn it..I wanted to do the honors off getting rid of him..."evil laughter"...