I Awoke This Morning

and the reality of my situation hit me hard across the face … it was the last day of vacation.

How could it be, just yesterday or it seems we arrived in paradise.  And yet 12 short hours from now a big jet plane will rip us from this wondrous place and take us north to an icy hell.   It’s of course not all that bad, however our car covered by 8 inches of snow and most likely blocked in by an 18 inch plow roll will be nothing but sucky to dig out at midnight with wind chills at minus 4 if we are lucky.

But that is then and this is now!  I have 12 hours … what to do.

My wife kicked me out so she can clean, tells me its easier without me there ... mmmm.  Oh well, off to the beach!

The dilemma of the moment what to do first …

Kayaking an option ...

or boarding another choice, not sure my balance is that good however

Wave runners, now that looks like fun

Maybe build a sand castle or two

ATV!  This looks soooooo cool!!

Parasailing, an option but maybe not alone

A drink at the beach front bar ... mmmm, it's only 10am though

Given so many choices I'm really only left with one option.  Like any good business person worth their salt I need to step back and weigh my options.  Maybe even consider forming a committee to come up with recommendation and pros and cons to each ... yup, that's my plan!  And so it is ...

nearly six hours of doing next to nothing but soaking up some rays and gazing out over the crystal clear waters of the gulf ... (and a bit of EP'in).  A perfect end to a great vacation.

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7 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Next time..we all want on that committee...I would be happy to lay around doing nothing..weighing the pros and cons...while soaking up the sun...

Oh man...thats the life:)

Any place that serves at 10 am is a great place:)

Lol...order one for me too...

Trying to get me drunk are ya? I get really happy and mellow ...order away...this could
be fun..

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*turns a darker shade of green envy* ;o)

I think I would of built a sand castle :-). Looks like a nice relaxing day. I'm envious of your vacation. It seems like forever since I have had one.

It is some beautiful work and I'm sure that I couldn't recreate that, but it would be fun trying.

Only thing for it. :)

*beaming smile*

I don't understand the 10 am bit. :/

Aww, I feel your pain...hubs and I came back from an 83 degree island last week and ran smack into a bunch of snow.... brrrrrr At least you have those wonderful warm memories to think back on while shoveling!! :D Awesome pics! Have a safe flight home too!!

Awwww...... It's all the working and freezing that makes those vacays so darn AWESOME!! If we all lived in paradise we'd have no reason to visit one....at least this is what I tell myself while chattering away..... :D

Well, I want to see you make a sand castle like that one! LOL This post is just a final rub in, I know, but it is nice to see you enjoying. :)

Yes, and it looks like you dug your toes into the sand for me! Thank you.