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Any Question As To Why I Want To Move To Florida?
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10 Responses Jan 11, 2013

psssst just for the record gazebos aren`t meant to hold 500lbs of snow. :o(

I love snow. In pictures!! *scowl*

I'm with you DEG ... it's great for looking at ... from behind a window in a warm room preferably or, as you say, in pictures ...

ah yes, the warmth and sunshine ... snow is pretty to look at from a distance ... but that's about as far as it gets for me. but I'm not overkeen on constant hot weather ... I like something in between ... (OK I'm fussy, I know)

hmm, yes ... but what's the AC? sorry, I'm a foreigner ... lol

Air Conditioning!

ah yes of course ... we have no use for such new fangled things here in the UK!! lol

Then I would be a poor man if I lived there.

ah ... well some do have it of course ... more in office blocks and hotels of course and probably fancy apartments and so on ... but I'd say it's a small minority who have it in their private homes ... you'd probably only switch it on for a week or two per year!!

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I love the snow. Florida is a wonderful place to visit, but I prefer cockroaches that are smaller than my fist.

That's rough.... I know you look forward to your next trip...

i'm right here with you. sure don't miss the Pa. winters

*weeps with you*

I am with you.

Oh dear. :/

That is what makes Florida so wonderful; In addition, Florida is one of the states without a personal income tax. :)