This picture was taken by a friend at Glacier National Park in Montana on a hiking trail near the lodge. She used it for the cover of her Xmas cards this year which is where I saw it and requested a copy.

To me the image is so perfect it almost seems impossible to be real.

A peaceful serenity that demands to be consumed.  I can so imagine myself lifting and sliding that boat into the water, rowing, gliding and drifting for hours.

Not a word spoken yet a million felt.

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9 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Love it

Wow. The picture of peaceful...

Wow... just wow...amazing!

Beautiful picture.

The feel of the sun on your bare skin while the water laps up against the sides of the boat is just as good as the visual.

I'd love to go there. Absolutely beautiful.

Now that would be breathtaking to be there in person. :o)

So nice! I love the boat...thanks for sharing!