Shopping As A Woman

As a woman, it only seems natural to want to shop. Girls like us want to shop as our feminine selves and be accepted. Sometimes we shop as males wearing women's things underneath, and sometimes we shop totally dressed. I know for others it is a wish to be able to do this.

I am very fortunate in that I have shopped in fem on numerous occasions and each time is new and something different. It is a right of passage to go out dressed as a woman and shop. There is something so gratifying in doing this even if we are read or not.

I shop mainly go out in fem in the morning or late evening so as not to draw as much attention. There is one of those times that is so unique to each girl that it's hard to explain what it means or how it feels to do this. For myself, it just seems so natural and a womanly thing to do. I love trying on shoes or buying  pantyhose and panties, or just browsing the lingerie. It doesn't matter what you are shopping for, just that you are out  as a woman and shopping as any normal woman would.

I have to been to wig stores, and several lingerie stores. I have been to the mall and nervous, and at the same time confident. I have dressed and gone to Penney's, Victoria's Secret, Kolh's, Rack Room Shoes, Big Lot's, Merle Norman, Dress Barn, The Hanes/Leggs/Bali Outlet, Belk, Shoe Show, Priscillas Lingerie, Adam & Eve Lingerie, adult book stores, the gas station, a couple of fast food locations, convience stores, Fashion Bug, Subway, Shoe Carnival, and yes Walmart.

There is something so gratifying shopping as a woman. I hope to continue to do this, and each time I feel more and more confident as a woman. I am living a fantasy and yes dreams do come true.

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6 Responses Dec 7, 2009

" I have been to the mall and nervous, and at the same time confident." I feel same, when i dressed as a woman, and go to shop... Its interesting. I was a few time, and sometime painted my nail. I haven't wig, and i don't wear bra, just the another female clothes, then i went shopping. one way i was nervous, and the other way i was very confident. I closed out the negative judgment, and try to felt good in myself. After a few minute i count down, and enjoy my life, and the shopping.

It is definitely fun to shop for clothes! I usually go more on the androgynous side , but always get stares when I bring womans clothes to the male dressing rooms! I'll have to try going dressed all girl, then using the woman's dressing rooms!

Yes, it is quite fun, to shop enfemme. (Even if read as a man in drag) But I have gotten compliments from women, (from one lady customer "you make a nice looking woman") and it was so empowering, and we all had fun. (Even at V. S., Nordstroms, Lane Bryant, Catherines, Kohl's, Payless Shoes, wig shops, walking a mall a cpl. of times, and a Ladies restroom even). I'm sure some (if not most) could tell I was a guy in drag, but no one seemed to notice, or stare at least.

Teri - Thank yuo so much for the nice comment! Being a woman comes from the heart and mind, not just putting on a dress as most true fem tv/cd knows. Don't sell yourself short there. Your writing comes from the heart, so the words will be yours.

I could not agree more it is a delight and a woman's rite of passage!

I agree, and I think to push boundaries out is super. Talk to assisstants, ask about sizes, washing instructions etc. Go for a coffee. Best of all is to sit in the Loo, listening to the clatter (heels, girlie!) and Chatter outside, knowing you will soon be washing hands and doing face and hair with the other girls! Make eye contact, chat to them and Be one of them!