Crossdresser Out Shopping

I'm a straight male, who likes dressing in full drag, with panties, pantyhose, shapewear, bra, (w/ falsies) slip, a pretty dress, high heels, wig & makeup, and purse, of course. I dress as classy, & age appropriate for a mature "woman", and go out shopping for dresses, lingerie & high heels. I love it, when I get knowing smiles from women, while out.  And very much appreciate helpful, friendly salesladies, that tell me I look pretty in that dress, etc.  It helps me feel accepted by women, for liking the same pretty, feminine styles and textures, that women take for granted, that help them feel nice, and pretty. Some even seem to go out of their way to be of help, and have had some discuss men they know, (like a boyfriend, husband, or son) whom also like to dress in womens clothes. Women can dress in any mens styles, or even actual mens clothes with impunity, and many womens styles even emulate mens styles. I would love to hear any positive comments from WOMEN please.  My sweet girlfriend is totally cool with my panty fetish at least, and I lover all the more for her compassionate encouragement, and she loves the way I look in my pretty panties, and also how much more I appreciate her in hers.  She's not into going out shopping with me as her "girlfriend", but at least she's cool wtih my panty fetish.  It totally spices up our sex life, and she likes teasing her "pantyboy", as it benefits her too, by the reaction she receives in return. 

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love your story

In what region/state/city do you shop? My limited and latest experiences not so positive or welcoming.

I'm just getting into shopping for fem things by myself. It is thrilling and so far for the most part enjoyable. I hope to do more soon and often.

This morning, when in a ladies dress shop, dressed in men's clothes, for a change, I was looking at some very pretty dresses, when an assistant came up, asked if I needed help, told me to feel free to try some on, and led me to the ladies changing rooms! What a charming, helpful and understanding young lady. Never been in that shop before, but I will certainly go again!