Hoof Beats

This is a drum I decorated to honor horses.

I am not an artist,but I have fun trying.I trace and use stencils,and sketch a bit.

HOOF BEATS is a large drum,suitable for several people to play together.

Looknohands kindly provided a link to the cave paintings that dwelled in my subconcious as I was painting this drum.

Here is Hall of Bulls.

PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
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13 Responses Jan 21, 2008

Ohhh CandyRainsPearls!<br />
Your avitar is quite attractive today!<br />
<br />

Just lovely you are truly talented *beautiful*lov the comparison..perfect colors..

thank you amberdextrous!

PeaceOnEarth, that's art, no doubt! <br />
And I'm pretty sure those cave paintings are from Lascaux (sp?) in France, if you're still interested. Hope you are still making heaps of art.

Thank you ColorMeReal....<br />
I have been wanting to tell you how much I like your avitar.<br />
I spin and weave and this photo of yours speaks to the fiber artist part of me.<br />
Thank you for viewing my work.

Me thinks you are most def an artist. This is beautiful.

looknohands!<br />
Thank you for the link.<br />
I am going there now.<br />
The paints on this drum were la<x>yered on and some were earth paints.{red ocher}

Yes Bitkitty....I have no choice.<br />
The act of creating demands release.<br />

looknohands?<br />
What is the "hall of bulls"?<br />
Are the bulls cave paintings?<br />
Cave art was in my mind as I worked on this drum.

Thank you BrutMystik....I have many drums but this one is close to my heart.

Thank you Darlene!<br />
I think I may leave this drum as a tribute at the burial site where all the horses who died at the Battle of the Little Big Horn are....

That is beautiful!

Oh, Squirrel! It's beautiful!