Showing My Wife To A Stranger

my wife and i were at a party with a bunch of couples from my work. we both got kind of wasted and she whispered in my ear that she was very horny and she wanted to ****. i said who would you like to ****? she looked around the room and she saw a young good looking stud standing by himself. she pointed to him and said he is the one. so i walked over to the guy and said excuse me but i have a question for you. he said go ahead and ask. i told him my wife wanted to know if she could show you her *****. he looked at her and said sure why not. well we all left the party and we went to the back seat of my car. my wife was all over him and she lifted her skirt and took her panties off and asked him how do you like it? he said oh yeah and proceeded to **** my wife right in front of me. it only took a few minutes until he exploded his *** in her . i was so turned on i coudnt hardly stand it. then it was over. he went back inside and i proceeded to eat his *** from my hot wifes *****
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damn i love doing that

<p>The first time I ate another man's *** from my wife's fresh **** **** I was amazed how Fantastic her **** tasted compared to when it was a fresh **** then I tasted the other man's *** but was not impressed but after awhile I developed an addiction to ***.</p>

A great experiance, I love to watch my wife **** then lick her used ***** full of ***. Watching her makes my **** so hard it hurts and sometimes I just *** without even touching it.

Good for you.... How did her young stud taste? My experience is they taste amazing from a used *****.....

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you got a sexy wife......would love to see her