Excerpt # 1

They move into the room together, slowly, her just in front of him. His **** is already burning a hole in the room just to get to her, but he holds himself back, letting all the tension rise to the surface of his skin.

Her mind has always been a huge draw for him, but now his focus is settled firmly on her body, which appears more sinuous and detailed with every new step she takes into the room.

She unknowingly seduces him with her gift for subtle movement and affords him a new subtlety of his own, one which is only born into life in these moments.

She slows and turns towards him, pivoting on the axis of her inertia, just as he reaches forward with his hand and clasps it firmly around her throat, his newly born subtlety guiding his movements. She gasps as he pushes her the last few inches to the wall. He squeezes harder for a moment before letting his hand come loose as he leans into her closest (almost) proximity and makes as if he is about to kiss her. He stops short, his mouth just an inch away from hers, exhales once, and re-tightens the grip around her throat. Not too tight for her to have difficulty breathing, but enough to let her know that she is to stay in her position, up against the wall.

He pulls back from her keeping his hand in place and lifts his eyes to hers. As he holds her with his stare she begins to feel his rising energy flowing through his hand and into her body, sinking into her from the neck down, and causing her small but violent tremors, as she feels each drop of him passing through her heart and fusing with her own surges of fear for him, which in turn, rise through her upper body and penetrate his clasp, a volatile array of tiny bursts of energy, perceivable surrounding the area where their bodies connect. The overriding intensity of it gives them a momentary stillness, she now having focused her eyes directly into his, they almost freeze time together before their ability to stay at arms length suddenly breaks and they fall, helplessly into each others embrace.

They kiss violently for a brief moment until he grabs a fistful of her hair and pulls her head backwards away from his kiss, exposing her throat, still red from where his hand had held her. She screams and drives her sharp nails into the back of his neck and penetrates his rough skin causing him to snap his head back in reaction. They both stand, their bodies locked together and looking upwards, gasping for breath, almost afraid of what is to happen next. They  look back down towards one another and let themselves effortlessly glide into a kiss of true love (though they are unaware as yet, of Love's presence). She brings her hand around to his face and places it on his cheek, stroking it repeatedly as they fall deeper into the kiss, and smearing it with the drops of blood that still drip from her fingertips.

He feels the blood seeping from his pierced neck. His borders open for her and he lets go of his masculine facade. Tears form in his eyes and the real man inside of him rises into place, flooding his motions with a gentle vibration that allow her to almost completely lose herself within him. Her eyes too, start to fill with tears, and they sense this in one another. They break away from their kiss and look again, into each others eyes. Seeing the place of equilibrium they have arrived at together, represented in four equally glassy eyes, they let go those final doubts and cry for each others dirty souls.

They cry themselves to sleep together. Their arms and legs tied in knots, fully dressed on the floor in the corner of the room, while the pristine bed remains untouched.


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