I Believe That Showing You Love Him Is Important!

I made this a goal because I've seen the lack of love in a relationship way to many times! If you don't try to show him you love him then why should he? So share some stories with me of how you show your love to your other half!

Sunshinethump Sunshinethump
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

long walks in the woods holding hands, or any little thoughtful gesture that says "I'm thinking of you" like making coffee so it's ready when they get up.<br />
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best way to keep the love alive is imagine your mate walking out the door tomorrow and never coming back. long term relationships are inevitable, we're all driven to pair off and weave a nest together, but being a slave to biology is sometimes a kissing cousin to mental complacency. don't think, just do. seeing the same face every day of your life shouldn't mean it'll still be there tomorrow, unless you work to keep it there.<br />
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it helps also to be best friends, once the passion and novelty wears off you still have things to talk about.