Can I Just Do That With No Promise To Turn It On?

Today I just feel blah and detached from reality. I just want to take a switch, and shut off my brain. I think THEN I wouldn't be able to keep accessing fears in my life and the things I want to do and change. I do not want to analyze anymore today(or ever ) and I just would like to go crawl under a blanket and not come out for a week ...can I do that? lol..

I usually can break a spell of any overthinking I might encounter in a day, but today, ugh, I can't. Know what I mean? I am staring out the window blankly though, with absolutely no connection to any thought or thing, and I guess that could be considered better than having a negative connection at this very moment. ?? who knows...Well, I just needed to write it down, and give it a moment..I know that nothing is a 'waste' of time, or waste of anything for that matter..ever. That gives me a little more peace in my mind. I may or may not turn this mind back on today..just a I need to find some humor here, bear with me.
Velvetlacedream Velvetlacedream
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

check that way to do it

It can be a curse at times. I understand

Ty for understanding ...thx for ur comment ;)