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Too Much Chaos In My Mind & Life

I am burried in chaos right now.

Clutter - it's every where. In my head, my heart, my house!

How do I get rid of it all without tossing out what really matters?

That's my quest.

How did I get so cluttered in the first place?

Ugh!! Too many questions and I don't like the answers!

Me thinks my quest for answers to the secrets of the universe, the secrets of my heart, the secrets to my happiness perhaps led to the very clutter & chaos that now slowly sufficates me.

But I don't get it! Wait! What's the friggin' moral to the story??? 

Questions = Answers = Chaos = Clutter = Questions

At least in my world...


9Dragonz 9Dragonz 36-40, F Jul 4, 2009

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