I can write, i can sing (though i need lessons to expand my range and clarity), I play drums, and I am learning guitar and piano. if I could finish learning and give a concert I would be so happy. I have too many musical interest, so I still have not found my personal playing style. I want to just make a mix of all kinds of styles.
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piano is awesome.<br />
<br />
why not?

I'm not that great at writing songs either, but i can write poetry and poetry is just songs that are shorter and structured a little differently. I'm not that great at singing either, but my voice is good enough that I can sing in public.

i'd like to be able to sing/write songs. i enjoy singing so much though im not sure im that great and i love to write poetry, i dnt write songs i cnt even play an instrument but i intent to one day..<br />
you'll do will fullfill any drams you have..