My Soul Longs For You

As the sun rises in the east, my breath causes my breasts to rise and meet your stare. As I watch you from the fireplace your eyes begin to glare. As I imagine your silhouette blocking out the sun, providing shade for me enveloping us as one..

I am taken aback to times I remember, when you and I made love that cold and bitter November. Rain tapping on the tin rooftop, as though it were a clock, I ran outside and you followed this time taking me on the rock. Tick, tock..

Forcing into me both your will and intent, In your arms that cold, bitter night I lay so content. Dreaming of the day that I could write both our names in the sand, dreaming of the morning I wake up wearing your wedding band.

Suddenly it occurs to me that I am sitting by the lake staring into the waters as my mind takes a break. A much needed respite from a reality that is just so blue, sitting by the the lake just thinking of you. I love you...

~Spirit of the Sun~

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Dec 12, 2012