Like A Naughty Girl

He pats his knee. "Come here."

I slid onto lap like a naughty girl, so tempting and seductive. I am so careless with my tiny little skirt, exposing an expanse of my firm creamy thighs to him. Who can blame him as his hand comes to rest on my knee?

He whispers such naughty things to me and I giggle, blushing like a schoolgirl. His lips brush my cheek and his hand slide higher up my thigh just below the hem of my tiny skirt. I glance down and discover that my thighs have parted to give him room. I don't remember deciding to do that.

He kisses the nape of my neck making me shiver and I lift my face up to him. He presses his lips to mine and I kiss him back. It is a while before I realize that pleasant sensation is coming from his hand having slipped up under my naughty skirt and his fingers beginning to tease my *****. I purr like a sexy kitten.

My soft little moan is muffled by our kisses. I accept his tongue into my mouth and slither my tongue into his mouth, french kissing him, as his finger tips tease my delicate ***** lips, tracing the length of my slit beneath my little skirt. My juices begin to bathe over his fingers.

Somehow the top few buttons of my blouse have come undone and he kisses his way down to the upper slope of my breasts. As his lips and tongue stir up a warm glow in my breasts, I feel his fingers dipping between my nether lips and gently probing the mouth of my *****. My whimpers and sighs mingle with the sound of his fingers invading my juicy wet ***** as he begins to finger **** me.

My blouse has somehow fallen open and he captures my nipples between his lips, alternating back and forth between them, inflaming the pink nubs and causing them to swell stiff and erect. His fingers find my **** and he begins to massage it in tight little circles makeing me gasp with pleaure.

"You are going to make me ***" I breath hotly.

"I know" he says confidently then resumes his assault on my inflamed nipples his tongue lashing across them, flicking them.

"Ooooooooo, yes!" I cry out as my ****** grips me and I am consumed with such delicious pleasure.

I can feel his **** tenting his slacks beneath my naked bottom and think he will want to **** me now. But he guides me to slide off his lap and to kneel at his feet.

He frees his jutting erection and my eyes hungrily stare at his thick, swollen manhood.

"What do you want me to do?:" I ask him staring up at him with my big blue eyes.

"You know" he replies

"You have to tell me" I say

"Suck my ****" he commands and I eagerly engulf him in my steamy mouth, sucking and licking hungrily. I keep my eyes locked on his, letting him see his thick **** disappearing between my moist red lips inch by inch until the tip is buried deep in my hotly sucking throat. I bob my head milking his shaft with my lips and he reaches out and puts his hands on my head, urging me on,

I pause to ask "Do you want to *** in my mouth?"

He must be tempted but I am delighted when he guides me back onto his lap. Ony this time, I am facing him, straddling him and I press my dripping wet ***** down onto his jutting ****.

"Ooooo, that feels good" I sigh with kittenish pleasure as I capture his length inside me.

"Move and it will feel even better" he instructs me.

I begin to ride his **** in a sort of lewd and wanton lap dance, undulating upon him. griding my ***** onto his throbbing member, and I feel him swelling even larger inside me, the tip knifing into the most tender part of my ***** chasm.

"Oh, yes......... that does feel better" I say between heated breaths.

He resumes kissing me as his hands knead my rubbery breasts and he is teasing and pulling on my nipples. My body is on fire with hot pleasure and my slippery juices are bathing over his throbbing ****. "Are you going to *** inside me?" I breath hotly.

As if in answer to my question, he grunts and I can feel his **** leap inside me, his *** is suddenly spurting from his **** slit with such force that I can feel it splattering off the senstive walls of my *****. He floods me with steamy hot ***, triggering my second ******, and I join him in the throes of climax. My body shakes and shudders with uncontrollable spasms as waves of delight crash over me and I am lost in delerious joy.

I collapse against his powerful chest, safe and secure in his powerful embrace, blissfully happy, and he holds me until I manage to regain my composure. His **** is still inside me and gradually softens until at he slips out of me. I slide off his lap and stare down at his spent ****, coated with a glistening sheen of his milky *** and my juices. I cannot resist dropping to my knees and licking it clean.

"Mmmmmmmm, you taste good" i tell him, and he pats me on the head with approval.

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2 Responses Nov 10, 2010

You write so descriptively and detailed! True story? Is the man your daddy? Add this daddy please!

That's such a greats story, LBS... oh how I dream of coming across a wanton **** such as you ;-)