I'm 42 Years Old, Male, and I Love to Skateboard

I love to cruise about on my G@S Krptonic upped skateboard around the parks of London ..BUT...People say I'm too old .. I hate that. I have been skateboarding on and off since the late Seventies and I still love the feeling. Other 'adults' around me say it's for kids. I should grow up ..Yeah...Live in the bloody pub and pretend to be interested in football?  I'd rather stay 'immature' ...If there are any other middle aged skateboard fans out there please get in touch, especially if you are in the South London area...
steve12 steve12
41-45, M
3 Responses Feb 16, 2007

Skategeezers unite!<br />
Dude, I'm 51. Broke my right shoulder at 45 downhilling with my son. I've been riding since I was 15 and had my first deck with Chicago trucks and DaKine Wheels. I've got 11 decks. I still get out there and skate but I don't let my old lady catch me doing it. Keep skating. Healthier than drinkin' in the pub and sittin' on your arse watchin' communist kickball. Check out Chris Yandall's website on pumping.and skogging. http://chrisyandall.com/

Hell yeah, man! Skateboarding's all about diversity. Steve Olsen is hitting fifty something and that guy still shreds. Keep it going

well i don't live in the london area, but i think you should keep skating. you're never too old to skateboard and do what you love and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. i started skating like a year ago (haven't gotten any better cause i have no time) but the first time i went to a park a 9 year old was giving me lessons. a little embarrassing but hey he had good advice and he was a cool, talented kid.