I'd Love To!

I'd Love to sleep for a good seven years, just climb into bed, close my eyes, wrap up in my blanket, with Harry potter in the background, and sleep and sleep and sleep for seven years. I ams ure I would wake up very rested!

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4 Responses Oct 8, 2009

I wolud love to do that .. ! :))))))))))

I got depressed and I slept for seven years and now I'm 7 years older and I wish I didn't ,now I'm old and I wasted a lot of my life sleeping. I could have done so much in seven years with my life, such a waste of a life. If you sleep for seven years, it doesn't extend your life by seven years, you now have seven years less left and may regret it.

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear ya :D Hahahaha.