Escaping Away To Dreamworld

I always do that. When I feel depressed or angry, I just lie down and cry on my pillow until I fall asleep. Sure, I feel like I've got a hangover later (headache + runny nose + puffy, red eyes), but atleast for a little while, I've escaped my problems. It may sound cowardly, and maybe it is, but I'm an escapist. Instead of facing the pain, I try to avoid it or bottle it up inside. I'm not proud of it, cuz later when that bottle cracks, all hell breaks loose.
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3 Responses Aug 10, 2010

The puffy red eyes after are hell aren't they? =( It's ok to be scared of facing it all its ok to run... or so at least thats what i'm told. We all need to have a break from it once in a while even if it is only through sleeping... *hugs*, xXx

jp - Thank you for your encouraging words. You're right, at times, it seems like no one understands, but yeah, you gotta face your problems head on with your head up high instead of trying to escape it or whining about it. But sometimes, everyone has a limit and needs to let go. =)<br />
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texas - That happens to my mom. She cannot sleep AT ALL when she's depressed. =/<br />
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wolfie - I know that bro. :) *hugs*

Theres nothing wrong with spending some time alone for yourself so you can let it all out. Crying it out is not cowardly its mainly a sign saying that enough is enough and when your crying the tears are your bottled up emotions inside of you. <br />
I been doing that a lot lately, just sitting on my bed and just cry myself to sleep bc thats the only way I can sleep. Its sad , but when your having trouble in life and you feel like you cant talk to anyone you feel alone for that slpit second. You feel like even if you do turn to your friends and family, it seems like they don't understand or care what your feeling. I would say, take some time to breath and then set out a date to step outside into the world one step at a time, and you will feel better. I can't see my boyfriend for some time, and what I do is just go to sleep and when I do dream about him, I just sleep all day if I have too. but the funny thing is,, even in my dreams i feel like ****.. so no theres is nothing wrong with taking some time, and letting it all out , on whatever your having trouble with. But at the same time, you have to take charge of your life and overcome that pain sometimes =) I hope you feel better .