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I had my eye on a coworker for several months. I took the opportunity to begin flirting with him in person, which led to texting, which led to sexting, with led to a booty call on a business trip, which let to friends with benefits, which led to him coming over most weekends, which led to us falling in love...

What a 15 months we've had! Awesome, mind blowing, kinky sex and the man of my dreams...All because I set my sights and went for it!

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Handle your business, girl! ****, git you some - hell I do!

Still going strong. 2 and half years and as hot as ever! Life is good! So glad I took this job in 2009!! LOL!!!!

Number1FunGuy, Keep looking! It happens when you least expect it. 28 months and going strong for us. Still awesome work trips, still awesome sex, and he's become my best friend too. It just doesn't get any better than this!

I am looking for someone like you.

Wow, good on you.

I have never had a wonderful opertunity like that I am glad you did...John

It has been awesome!!

I love it when this kinda thing happens....people get together for nothing more than sex and fun and it just lasts and lasts :)

Still fishing! Best sex ever and hopelessly in love too! We are quite adventurous to say the least! So glad I acted on my desires at work!!

So what adventurous place at work have you had sex

We've had sex on the floor in the conference room at his office...that was hot!! We've also had phone sex while he was at bis office and i was at mine (same company, 2 different offices).

Other than that all of our adventures have been at hotels, our homes, or while camping.

Always an adventure!

I thought of a couple others...I have given him blow jobs in his car at a park and we came close to the same on a park bench once...

We had full on sex in the hallway of a hotel just for the thrill of it...that was especially HOT!

yeah and that was caught on the hotels security camera

those are hot places

We thought about that...we were thinking we were giving the front desk clerks something to do that night!

maybe the front desk clerks where doing the same thing as you and your lover. ;-)

Maybe they were!!! Lol!!

So any new adventures

Sex in the woods 3 times...one time being "happened upon" by 2 teenaged boys...probably a sight they won't soon forget! Just last week I gave him a blow job in the middle of the afternoon in the parking lot of a movie theater.

And this was one if my favorites...the weekend when I was allowed to touch is **** whenever I wanted...a lady at the restaurant where we were having dinner just couldn't keep her eyes off of my hand massaging his **** through his jeans all through dinner!

2 years later we still have a very active and adventurous sex life! And best of all...so happy together too!

You should have winked at the lady and giving her the come join us look. That would have been a site to see

And could lead to a whole other adventure! ;-)

That sure would have lead to more whole new adventures. Maybe you should try that again at a restaurant and see if you could catch some woman's eye.Maybe she is a fellow customer or one of the serving staff ,you never know.Just try you luck and see. Maybe the woman's eye you catch when you leave just giver her your number and see if she calls

We're up for that. It's just hard to find someone who's willing. You don't just say, "Hey, wanna come home with us?" Hahahaha! We had a quick ********* once but the other woman got cold feet. She was a friend of mine. It was enjoyable, but it was short!

Maybe you should try for it again and see what happens

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So are you still fishing off that company pier.He is a lucky man