My Former Writing Professor

I have feelings for my former professor. He is married with kids and is also a playwright. It started out as a conversation and then I started to notice his actions. Every silly thing I said made him laugh or smile. I would walk into the room and he would look up. The cherry on top was when I would catch him staring at me. The more we would talk, the more I started to notice our connection. It went from just talk of classwork to more personal conversations. I would drop a piece of paper, he would run to pick it up. Once the semester was over I stopped talking to him. I was hoping he would email me and ask how I was but he was most likely busy with his family. One day I will confront him but I do not know how to go about it. Yes, him being married with kids is not a good thing but he never spoke of his wife to me. He only ever talked about his kids. What is a girl to do? I want to sleep with him but I don't want to just be his young girlfriend on the side that he just uses for the sex when his wife is not giving to him. He is 34-35 years old and I am 26, age is not an issue, it's the fact that he married with kids that stops me from making any moves.
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Just make your moves and see what happens. Maybe he is married or married he is devorced .Take your time broken flowers

I will make a move one day if not sooner. I am waiting for the right time.

Strike when the Iron is hot. 1 He is a former professor,then make it easier in the eyes of the school. 2 you are both adults.then its legal

Yeah, I am going to try my best. The problem is that my school has policies on student-professor affairs. We would have to be secret about our affair, meaning outside of school.

Well if he is a former teacher and not one of your current ones. Then why should the school have problems with that. Just be on the safe side keep it low key. But ramp of the flirt and see what happens.

If something get serious, I am going to keep it on the low. Not even my family will know about it.

Just tell us when something happens. Don't tell your family untill you have a a ring on your finger or something else.

Yes, I will keep you up to date on that matter.

If it doesn't work out with the professor. Their are other professor and fellow that mite suit you. But that is your choice miss flowers

Yeah, hopefully something happens. I am still young but if someone makes a move then I going for it.

Cast out your hook and reel in the fish

Oh, I will work my charm on him and see how he reacts but that will not be till February when the new semester starts. If he does not make move then I shall move on to someone that will.

If he doesn't make his move and you move on to some one else. Maybe by doing so you can make him jealous and want you more

Sounds like a good idea. I once flirted with a guy during his class and he gave me hard time. He got jealous I assumed.

Then you know he gets jealous.Reel him in,work it

I am going to try my best. The thing that worries me is that he will reject me, which is my worst nightmare.

That is a good point. You know he gets jealous. So i don't think he will reject,he mite play it slow.

Yeah, I have a feeling he will take it slow. I will just play the femme fatale card.

I don't think he or any man will stand a chances to your wilds. ;-)

Well, I hope so ;-)

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