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I just started taking this archaeology class about a month ago and the first day of class I thought, "hey my professor is good looking for an older guy."  I unfortunately I only have this class once a week.  I couldn't stop thinking about him. 

Next week in class I found him even sexier.  He's so intelligent.  I love to hear him talk, everything he has to say is fascinating!  And he has a sense of humor!  But now sometimes I totally miss what he's saying because all I can think about is seducing the pants off him.  I fantasize about him all the time.  I'm trying to study for our test and all I think about is us having amazing sex.

He's in his early 40s. I'm 24.  It's not like we talk at all either, so it's pretty much a one sided thing.  In class he hasn't mentioned having a wife/gf, only some younger kids and he doesn't wear a ring.  

I just got out of a ridiculous 5year relationship, so I think I'm craving an older guy that has a career, college education, sense of humor, intellect and sex appeal.  My friends say I should sleep with him.  He gave the class his cell phone number so it's hard not to just call him and tell him what I'd like to do to him. 

I look forward to going to class every Monday night so, I guess I'll see what happens as the semester goes on. 


Meh, Wtf?  He got married.  ****.  That's okay, I found a guy with all the things I need and isn't married.  (Edit:  I edited this last May 20th, June 2nd is when I found out this new guy actually IS married, way to go on jinxing myself there.  Dammit)

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Why be worried that he has a wife. Stake your claim. Get closer to him and see if he ditches the ring. Take more of his class,maybe you can go out on a dig with this professor.See where that would lead to. He would be lucky to have you as a student.


Oh I am attracted to my profesor as well >.<

I'll do you. *** to my class.

It's definitely not just me wanting a good grade. In fact, when I like a professor (for their class and teaching not their looks) or respect them I bust my *** to get a good grade in their class. Thats what I did in his class. I'd rather do the work myself and impress them than work on them and get an easy A. I don't like to be trashy. I have invited him to come watch me belly dance. Not to entice him but he said he was a doumbek pla<x>yer sometime ago. He'd appreciate the music AND the dancing. I feel that I've been very good about not whoring myself to him but being tastefully obviously I appreciate his classes (I take a workshop from him at least once a semester to see him and I very much enjoy his lectures), and I think he's an interesting guy. The last workshop I took from him, he looked really good. Very handsome guy. He wasn't wearing his wedding ring either. I wanted to ask him about it but didn't think it was my place and there were too many students around. I think it'd still be fun to see if it would lead anywhere, even if its just to the bedroom. Sunny, I have had dreams about him, no sex dreams that I remember. And yes to the other.

@writerrad, you making a very good point here, most of the young women don't relize this. I wish you post this as story or blog or something to bring proper attention to your concern, I am with you. When I was in school I was attracted towards a grad student who taught as an assistant. My attraction was genuine and I am still in touch with him even though both of us are now married. Once you fall for someone, you don't get up. So yes , students need to be careful and not to flirt just for the grades.

Wonder if you *********** often thinking about him.. just wonder. You prolly dreamed having sex with him for sure..

He is seriously soooo good looking. When I had him for a my archaeology class, I was in the super charged horny, barely able to walk without having an ****** state of being and it took all my will to restrain myself. Where did that libido go for the love of god I want it back!!!!

Some professors are sooo fooking hawt

Yeah well, my timing is **** because he got married. Dammit I should have just slept with him instead of playing it safe. D: I was crushed when I found out he got married. Better luck next time.

Yeah, I would definitely love an update on this story! :)

Wow, he has to notice you. There is no way he doesn't recognize someone working in the lab with him all the time or making an effort to do so. Just wondering, any update to this? Have you approached him yet?

LOL!!! <br />
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Thank you for such kind words. I appreciate them!<br />
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Damn if I weren't so ridiculously busy this semester I would have been able to see him more and work in the lab. I'll be sure to check his eyes ;) lol!! I'd like to think he's tempted but I wont get my hopes up.


This is so cute! You have a crush on your archeology professor. It's just like you're living out that <i>Raiders of the Lost Ark</i> film!<br />
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Just about every girl in that class had a crush on Harrison Ford.

Thanks for sharing this very interesting story. Good luck. I'd echo the comments about going out for coffee. He's probably reluctant about the potential risk to his career, but that would probably disappear once he figures out how intelligent and mature you are. All the best.

fo sho

Good girl, cuz that **** is wrong.

negative. We've actually talked about his "status" a bit. I wouldnt go after a married guy. I would crush but not even talk to him or go out of my way to talk to him if he were married.

Is he married?

I'm pretty sure they do. lol. Or at least Id like to think that lol!! What I think about is do professors look up their students on facebook or myspace? Cuz then he'd definitely know I had a crush on him. lol. I could see being afraid of what if something goes wrong. Its his profession, I would never want to **** with that. haha, my dad would say, "youre on your own."!! You never know maybe he would be the crazy one of the two of us lol!! <br />
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I think what it could boil down to is he somehow realized i found him utterly fascinating, liked the idea of being pursued by a younger girl (I'm betting he gets hit on a lot by students younger than him), and decided to not let me down lol. He is way intelligent, I am slightly intimidated by it. I found it really easy to talk to him though. Which hardly happens for me.

I wonder if professors ever sit around and talk about hey that student has a nice *** or wow I would totally hit that lol. I bet he wants you, he's probably just scared incase something would goo wrong you know? Because of the immature people who can't handle relationships then start trouble because they don't get what they want, and soon after their rich parents are at the Dean's throat to do something about them seducing their eveil but precious child!

I think he picked up on my interest and maybe hes just giving me a thrill to be nice hahaha.

Last time we talked, he said to keep him updated where I dance and he'll come watch :) haha. im sure i blushed. damn face gives me away every time.

HAHAHA, thats soo funny cuz a few of my coworkers refer to him as Indiana Jones. I'm sure he gets it a lot. I'll certainly ask ;)

Now you have to rent all the Indina Jones movies just to keep your hands off of him or maybe this will just drive you even crazier for him, have fun be safe, call him Indina next time you see him to see what he does, should laugh.

Im pretty sure hes not gay :) and maybe one day ill be able to tell him. hahaha.

You only live once. You may never experience the same things ever again.<br />
<br />
Go for it and give it your all. Play the game, be seductive, tricky, strategic, naughty, dirty, discreet, shameless, do whatever it takes, just get what you want! After all there's a pretty good chance that if you do it right, he'll want it too. ;]<br />
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I can't wait to hear how this one is gonna turn out and I'll only be happy for you if you don't let the world tell you not to chase something you want.

I think he already picked up the vibe. Or maybe he figured Ive taken a couple workshops and a class from him so I must be interested in something LOL. Like Ive said several times though, he can definitely keep my interest :) The workshop I just took from him, we talked a lot and Ill hopefully be working in the archaeology lab next semester so I'll see him a lot.

If he did it all the time of course I would not respect him anymore. Ive been told it is unethical if he is still my professor.

jesus christ people I have ******* morals. NO. Im not gonna be some slutty *****.

oh i guess not that bad. what a terrible student i am. You gotta make me want an A.

how bad would you want that A Dre

im sure youd rig it to there only being on way of getting an A.

It would be tough to get an A in my class

who doesnt?

i want to be your professor

I'm pretty AND smart.

u go girl

lol. Ive got a B in the class right now with my hands being kept to myself.

hand job B rides A+

uh, i actually like to work for my grades. And I think hes a respectable guy. I hope he doesnt hand out A's for hand jobs or rides.

If you tell him u want him to **** u ; you might get an a in the class

I dont think that'll have the same affect. haha i appreciate the idea though.

its crossed my mind, every time i see him in class. but I want more than to just **** him. I want him to tell me neat stories and teach me things (not sex related)....haha seriously. Hes so smart and funny! I love it.