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I recently became very attracted to one of my professors, call him Dr. R.  He isn't traditionally handsome, but he has an overpowering erotic energy...  I'm nearly 30, so it wasn't a "school girl crush."    Anyhow, I know it wouldn't have worked...  Part of it was admiration, but a BIG part of it was sexual...  He turned me on SOOO much.  I got so wet for him ever time I saw him...  I really would still love to go to bed with him...  Actually, I'd love to be his girlfriend too...  I love my current serious boyfriend (he's the one I'm going to marry), but I'd still probably sleep with said professor and hopefully have an affair with him if I had the chance.  He seems like he'd be a real stud...  I feel bad about wanting this because I'm a pretty ethical person (i.e. I'm not a cheater or at least I haven't cheated on my boyfriend yet and we've been together several years).

Very recently (the following semester), I became attracted to Mr. B (another instructor).  My attraction wasn't as strong as for Dr. R (who I still think about almost daily), but I still would have loved to experience a hot night with Mr. B...  Actually, I have fantasies about them taking me together - two hot older sophistocated men who seem to have liberal attitudes about sex consuming me...  I want to be whorish with them without being judged.  I want to be driven insane with pleasure and passion...  I want Dr. R to still love (or at least have feelings for me) and mentor me after said experience.

I've been a student a long time off and on and these professor fantasies just recently started...  I don't know what's going on with me...  I hope I don't get attracted to every future male prof. I have!  What is going on with me?  Anybody else have this problem?  How did you get over it?  What do you think is causing it (i.e. how did I transition from never thinking about professors sexually to getting unbearably hot and bothered over them)?

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Just follow your heart and go after both of your professors.What is wrong with having friends with benefits.

I have a serious crush on my German professor. He is so funny and seems really passionate. I'm 29 and I'm guessing he's probably about 45...and married :( . I'm been with my boyfriend for a long time, but the sex life is pretty much non-existant and I keep thinking about my professor. I could be imagining it, but I think he might have the hots for me too. Today in class he was discussing English vs German grammar and wrote on the board, "the clever woman in the front row who resembles Heidi Klum fell asleep" then he wrote "Professor *** loves Heidi Klum." Okay well I sit in the front row of the class, and not to say that I look like Heidi Klum, but out of everyone else in the front row, it had to be me who inspired his comment . I felt myself starting to blush because it felt so blatently obvious that he was talking to me through his lecture. I know that the student-professor relationship is generally prohibited, but I find myself wanting to write a letter to him at the end of the semester to say how much I want to wrap my legs around him...gosh I feel like I want to write a romance novel about it or something LOL!

It's so easy to fall for some one who you see teaching you something.. You are listening but then again your mind is floating in cloud nine..

Holy, I'm now trying to convince myself that I didn't write your entry...I have the same feelings....only for me, it sucks big time....because I'm MARRIED!...ok and also because I have a baby....not good for me.

Dontstandsoclosetome, I'm in your position right now. Sucks doesn't it? Ugh.

I have the biggest crush on my instructor at my art school! Lolakins, where did you hear this info. about the creative thing being sexual? That is very interesting and explains these weird crushes I keep getting on my instructors. <br />
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This one feels a little different though. The last one I kinda hated him and fantasized about him at the same time, but never got horny around him or anything. This one is more around my age, funny, cool, not the most attractive guy, but he is to me. I didn't have feelings at all before; but now I get major butterflies around him. I ignore him, and act, "too cool". <br />
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Am I just bored or do you think I really have feelings? I confuse myself...

I agree... I have a prof who is incredibly passionate about his subject and... has a great bum! He's soft spoken yet funny and I feel that a lot of women in my class have a thing for him. He's not particulary good looking, but tall and well built. But mostly, I'm attracted to what he is and the way that he talks and think. I think attraction is much more than physical and prof that are passionate about what they teach just exude sexuality in a way. All I can say is, if my prof wanted to sleep with me, I wouldn't hesitate!

Don't worry my situation is much worse. He is married but I can't stand it. I look forward to having class. I hate the weekends and I melt as soon as he looks at me.

All I can say is what I think applies to my (similar) experience (though my fantasies are not as overt as yours). Erotic energy is creative energy, right? Are you an artistic type? Do you need to work on some intellectual endeavor? You could be transferring your erotic/creative intention onto your professor in an almost fetishistic way.<br />
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At the same time, it's kind of a head-rush. I know what you mean about these intellectual types who seem to have some kind of erotic magic about them. In the case of my crush, I wonder if he's even aware of it. Or am I projecting something onto him that's just not there? All I know is that when I'm listening to him lecture, I feel like my blood is boiling. Seeing him get all passionate about the subject sends me to the stratosphere. I find that so magnetic in this man. And I am afraid that I'm sitting there smiling and nodding and coming across like a fool. What I would like more than anything is having him to myself for an hour or two--not for sex (although sex is a more-or-less metaphor for the intense desire I feel) but for conversation. Oh, ok, I also want to touch him and know what he smells like and more.