Never Knew I Could Feel Like This...

I am 21, and in my third year of college. I am engaged to a wonderful guy who loves me and treats me like a princess. I had never been attracted to an older man before...

That said, when I walked into my first day of [subject] class, I took a seat in the third row and waited for the professor to show up. I thought it would be the usual boring prattle about something that I couldn't care less about... after all, this was a core-curriculum class. How interesting could it be?

Then he walked in. He was several inches taller than me, and had such a kind face. His short, dark, curly hair had light streaks of grey in it and was slightly touseled from the wind. He greeted the auditorium with a smile and introduced himself. I noticed his accent immediately, but couldn't quite place it. He eventually revealed that he was from [country], and proceeded to give us a brief introduction to the world of [subject].

I couldn't figure out why, but that instantly became my favorite class. All I could think about was how amazing [subject] must be, that I should run quickly to the registrar's office and change my major as soon as possible. Why miss out on one more second of what was clearly supposed to me my field of study? I went to that class for two weeks, drinking in everything he said, never sitting farther away than row three, before I finally understood. I was horribly attracted to him. Me! I'd always thought the idea of being with an older man was quite disturbing, but there I was, gazing at him in class and daydreaming about him in all my other classes. I think the only reason it took me so long to realize that I was so attracted to him was because it had never happened to me like that before. I shrugged off the notion that I could like an older man. But, I did.

Immediately, the fantasies formed in my head: Me showing up to class in a lacy shirt, him noticing and asking me to come to his office where I would please him with my hands and mouth; Innocently going to his office wearing a short skirt and top to ask him about the class, and he would touch me, and end up taking me from behind, me leaning over his desk, overlooking campus many floors below us and knowing no one could see. Not caring if anyone did...

I knew I wanted him.

I still do. But, here is my dilemma: I am engaged! I don't want to throw it away for a fling that I know couldn't last, since he is, after all, my professor. I told my best friend a highly santitized version of this story, and she confided in me that a girl she knew had dated this man. She refused to tell me her name; only that she was a student of his who had gone through a hard time, and he was there to help her. The two never slept together in their relationship which spanned several months, which meant that he was obviously not after sex from this girl. He was a kind, caring man, as I had originally thought.

He is not married, and is currently single. I got so excited that he would consider having a relationship with a student, I wasted no time in planning how I would want to seduce him. But, I am engaged! I would love to seduce him, even if it wouldn't go anywhere. What should I do? I need to resolve my story one way or another.


(I removed the subject he teaches and the country he is from out of protection for him.)

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Just flirt with your professor and see what happens. Maybe your future hubby mite be him and not the guy you where with. Just become friend with your professor. See where it leads to,..Maybe you don't have sex with him.Just see if you can make his class very hard for him. Maybe he makes the moves on you or one of your fellow students.

Seduce Him!<br />
You don't have to worry about him telling your finance because it has to be secret for him as well!

I agree. I, too, am in an archaeology class, which I found so funny when I read your story. But, the man you described is nothing like my archaeology teacher. Too bad; I never have a problem taking a class from a sexy prof.<br />
<br />
I makes it so much more fun to have a teacher who is so good-looking, but it is more than that; my prof has this charisma that just radiates off of him... he doesn't have to say a word to get attention. On his page, just about every other comment is about how sexy and charismatic he is... <br />
<br />
Yeah, I will certainly be trying the roleplaying thing. Have you thought about doing that in your own situation?

Thats a good plan. Doing some roleplaying is good. I just want to say it does make going to class that much more fun when you have a cute prof huh? I get so excited to go to my archaeology class :) So just because you cant fool around with him doesnt mean you cant still fantasize about him.

You are completely right, DreDre. That is what I plan to do. I just spoke to another friend who said that maybe I can play with my fiance in that type of scenario. I hadn't thought of it. Pretty good idea, though.

I totally know how that is!! But I knew right away I was attracted to my prof. I wish I had advice for you. I'd say let it be a fantasy for now. No need to ruin your current relationship that is obviously going well :)