Sleeeeep. I Love You. Why Won't You Be Mine?

i really needed! to sleep! but i just went into the kitchen to get one bite of something, and then my mom was all over me, with like dinner plans. and i couldn't say no because when i don't eat she starts bitching because then she doesn't want to eat etc. so i sat down for a short dinner. but she made it into this big thing. in short now i'm really sleepy.. but my stomach is in fervent activity. i don't want to put on more weight by sleeping right after eating either, so i'm staying up. oh god. haven't slept properly in ages. i can feel my blood pulsating underneath my skin. i hope i can sleep in but my body insists on waking me up super early. 

sleeplessness sucks. jetlag sucks. going home to see your family in the holidays also sometimes sucks.

Bagheera9 Bagheera9
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2010