Smelling Dirty Panties

Its so exciting finding a pair of dirty panties, how nervous one gets picking them up and examining them and how they instantly get you hard and how they get you so excited you have to be careful not to *** to quickly. Its so amazing the effect panties have on us guys, how they turn us on and how much pleasure we get from the scents, the tastes, seeing the panties and the feeling of the fabric. To bury your nose into the crotch and smell a womans intimate area, and how it instantly makes us hard and twitching for release. Each womans dirty panties smells different and the thought of how potent they will be, or how fresh they are makes one even more excited. Not to many guys can resist checking out a dirty pair of panties. When a woman is not around having her dirty panties to pleasure yourself with is the next best thing. Check out our profile for more about us.
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2011

My very hairy & dirty girl friend She loves to let her self get really dirty and stinky on the weekends we were traveling in my truck Sunday after a weekend of wetting our self's and no showering we were both very dirty and we don't change out cloths unless we get wet and it did rain saterday so she and I did change into shorts but no shower well we were on the road for a few hour's and all the sudden I started smelling stale air like you smell from a old time when you let the air out of it I looked over at her and saw she had spreed her legs wide apart and was rubbing her crotch threw her dirty shorts! WOW I told her you stink!! And she smiled and said good I love the way I smell!!! What a fun ride home it was!!!

My god you're totally right! I live with a couple of women, and when they're gone, I go through their dirty laundry. When I find a pair of panties, my heart starts beating 200 times a minute! Then I feel like my **** might explode right there! I bury my face in the crotch and jerk off till i ***. It's amazing!