Afternoon Fun

Recently I’d been wetting and rewetting several times the same pair of boxer briefs and let them dry in between (I love seeing multiple pee stains). About 2 weeks ago, feeling horny and wanting to get out in the sun, I decided to wear them to out shopping. I put them on under some shorts and t-shirt and headed out. I caught a faint whiff of pee when I sat down in the car but nothing dramatic. I wandered around Whole Foods getting groceries and feeling a little let down as I couldn't smell anything. I returned to the car and decided that I needed to take it up a little notch. I drove to a park and found a fairly secluded spot. I took off my shorts and wet my boxer briefs while sitting on a stone wall behind some bushes. Once my boxers were wet, the smell of fresh and stale pee became very prominent. I wringed out my briefs to get them as dry as possible and wiped my ****-smelling hands across the front of my t-shirt. I put my shorts back on and took a little walk around the park to give them time to dry out a little in the afternoon heat. By now the heat was causing me to get hot and a little sweaty which added to my already stale smell. By the time I headed back to the car, my urge to smell like sweaty stale **** was becoming sexually overwhelming. I drove to Borders with the windows up and the a/c off as I wanted to increase the aroma. At the bookstore, I wandered around the aisles, occasionally squatting down to "grab a lower shelf book" and would catch the intense smell of me as I did so. I never really got too close to anyone else in the store as I didn't want to offend anyone - it was enough for me to know that I smelled like this in a public place. On the way home I let go of little dribbles of pee the entire way.

dlcolvin dlcolvin
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I wet and poop my jeans everyday, I wear my jeans till they dry after I pee in them, I also am a farmer so my jeans smell like cow barn, I know I stink but I wear these jeans every where I go. I feel so horny when I am in public know how much I stink.

I do this all the time, its great isint it.