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I want to see the good world. It's fun to discover good in the world.


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Cool. Good to know keyna.

Sorry if I sounded Bitchy sweetpea82, I didn't mean too.<br />
Where did you used to live?<br />
I live in West Hurley, it's right outside of Woodstock.

okay. I won't tell. I live in Canada. I don't know aobut NJ or New York that much.

Good. I'm glad that you have a son and glad you have a wonderful son in your life. <br />
((((((hugs)))))<br />
Sorry about that comment I made. I don't mean to do this. Please forgive me.

I won't kill myself, I have too much to live for in my son

I hope you won't kill yourself. I do like you as a friend too. <br />
I see. <br />
Thanks for sharing your views Keyna.

I live in N.Y. and I admit there's a lot about the state that's not good, but not the whole state is bad, not even the whole city is bad. If you look and you want to find it I think you can find a little bit of good anywhere, and believe me cause I know, I've looked. I've had to cause my life sucks, and if I didn't look for it and find it I would have killed myself by now..

Cannibas vodka? Never heard about that drink but I did heard of Cannibas smokes.

LOl I see. It's good in Canada. It's beautiful and interesting up here.