i recently got a cigarette from a friend and smoked it since i had no access to one. it was my first time smoking a cigarette. let me tell you something, it's the best feeling on earth. when i smoked it i felt calm and relaxed, i've been battling suicidal thoughts and depression for almost 2 years now and this was the only time where i felt like my problems have disappeared for that moment when i was smoking the cigarette. many people say that smoking isn't good for you and it kills you, but the thing is i honestly don't care if smoking is kills me, thats what suicidal thoughts and depression does to you, and I will get my hands on anything that would make my mind calm, and that's also what cigarettes do to you. and i need another one really bad.
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Smoking kills. Try meditation. ************ or real sex too wud be relaxing.

I am the exact same! I suggest buying roll ups, they're cheaper, less processed, and it's always handy to be able to roll, if you're competent clueless on how to roll YouTube tutorials helped me! Smoking is fantastic and in some ways is my only escape, you're going to die anyway so you may as well have fun

can you buy roll ups underage bc i'm underage oops

No, all to buy anything smokable you have to be 18, it's silly I know, I am also underage, ask a friend or someone in the family (eg. Brother sister cousins that are older than you)! I used to stand outside the shop and ask people to go in for me, it's easier if you're a girl

Thanks! When you stood outside the shops did it take long for someone to get some for you?

Not long! Like I said it's a lot easier if you're a girl hehe, just literally ask everyone, chances are someone will get you some cigs, just don't be obvious about it because remember it is illegal!!

Omg thanks sooo much! May I ask you who do you usually ask for some cigs? Like do you just ask everyone or like a young adult going in or?

Hehe it's fine! I have some friends that are older! However if you're waiting outside the shop, I usually go for reeeeeaaaallly old people or people who look about 18/25

omg thanks so much i appreciate it a lot

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So you kill yourself to prevent killing yourself?

either way i'm going to end up dead one day

You are going to end up dead one day anyways... But its your own life I can't know what you lived. If you enjoy smoking do it