This Might Be a Murder!

Life is the puzzle,  love is the mystery, death is the question.

It starts with a smile, she makes him fall in love.

He fights all the sane reasons and scape the logic to enjoy the madness of passion.

He spends all his saving to rescue her from that enchanted castle.

She lies in his arms with her beautiful silver cape.

Now her shredded cape is lying on the floor, and he covers his dirty face from shame and guilt.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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11 Responses Feb 25, 2009

its gud n nice to read

Lv it would appear you have some serious thinking ahead of you , sooner rather than later I suggest .....

@ u lift me up: I will, tomorrow

is there a next post already LV?

I will add more details in next post

Why not? may I ask.

There is always more, but that's all I am allowed to share for now!

ooh this is nice!

i want more details..

Make you ponder!