The Alice Killings

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Actually, the alice killings were entirely made up and were based on the vocaloid song. Don't believe me? Just look up major crimes in japan. Look all you want but you will not once find the alice killings listed. If it was really as gruesome as said on the creepypasta wouldn't it be listed? I should know I'm japanese. The alice killings were just a story made up by someone to scare people. Please check the.facts before jumping to conclusion thank you.

Hullo, I was sent here by elfenlied978. I'd like to help if I can! :D

Allo Gracey! :D


That would be awesome... But werent the police unable to find any evidence, except the one footprint that was messed up, and the video of the hooded person they couldnt make out? But I think it would be awesome if that could happen.

Whos to say it cant?granted they only found those small bits of evidence but if we compile enough information then we could possibly solve what was thought to be unsolvable!just think about it:solving the alice killings.i get shivers just thinking about it!

Please stop taking this seriously. The alice killings were based on the vocaloid song and it was just a story made up to entertain and scare people.

I dont know.. But that would be amazing! I think we could come up with something, if we studied it enough!!! It gives me shivers thinking about it too!

Ive already got 4 people in the group excluding girlfriend,and three people on deviant art.

Oh... So do you not need me then...? I guess if you don't I wont help... But if you do need me let me know what I can do.

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