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I Want To Somebody Poop On My Face...

...not to swallow, just feel the strange solid poo :)

FilledPanties FilledPanties 31-35, T 9 Responses Feb 5, 2010

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I will then you can do me:)


That's the way i like it to.feel it

Hunny i would love to **** on your face and then after you can poop on mine. omg im getting really horny just thinking about it

i want someone to sit on my face with a poopydiaper

I will you if you do me

you're welcome!! I love sitting on faces & pooping in my diaper, some people love it & some people really love feeling the bulge as I do a mushy poop in my diaper

Do it to me too please

Thanx a lot!

If I were there, I'd sit on your face with my diaper on, let go a big mushy poop, you can smell it & feel the warmth of my poop on your face! hope that helps! I had nobody eat my poop, won't go that far, but still, thought I'd throw this out there for you!! Good luck in your search... xoxo Martine