Always Wanted This...


Since I was a kid, Ive always wanted someone to poop on me. I dont know whyy, its been a life long fetish. Ugh, I wish a nice hot man would sit on my face or chest and take a nice big dump on me... Or we would just be sitting on the couch and he poops his pants, then he takes them off and smears his poop all over me... Mmmm~ Just the thought of having someones nice long hard brown log on my face, makes me reallyyyy horny

Bonagain Bonagain
18-21, F
35 Responses Feb 18, 2010

amzing! wish i and/or the hubby could help with that ;)

Doing this to you would be the best thing i could ever think of! And if i did do that to you i would expect you to do a hugeee poo right on my face and rub it all over me:)

This would be rather interesting. }:-)

This would be rather interesting. }:-)

its been done to me twice ummm

WOW!!! You're amazing, would love to squat over you and hold my *** cheeks apart so you can watch my anus open up as my turd pushes it's way out onto you! xx

Can I poop really mushy poop all over your face?

yeah this would be super nice, super pretty girl to poop with. id want to be 69ing you with me on top and just unload onto your face,then cover you with **** head to toe, beautiful!

You sound like you would be a lot of fun. I like Polly's plan.

i'd luv to straddle your face and take a nice hard dump on your face, as I face your *****, and have you spread your legs wide open and **** at the same time. My fingers down there rubbing your ***** and **** with your **** as you feel the warmth of mine on your face and tell you to rub it into your face and I keep rubbing your ***** and ****

Your very welcome message me sometime

Sounds sexy ;D and aw thanks :3 ♥

I would love you squat over you and lick your **** as I fart in your face and **** out a long hot soft gooey poop all over you on your face down your neck and all over your breast. And by the way your gorgeous

Aww thanks ^_^ <3

Thank you, and you are very, VERY pretty... You got me sayin wow in many really are a one of a kind girl, and I am happy to be friends with you... XOXO

Sounds great hun ;P hehem btw your REALLY handsome :D

I would so take a big dump on your face just to please you, and I would like you to do the same to me, then we can share the hottest, messiest, most erotic kiss ever imagined... Just you and I sweetheart. XOXOXO

I'll poop on your chest any time bebe... xoxo

this a a good story

Seems like you' ve already been the guys' fantasy around here. No doubt, girls like you are too hard to find...

Woo, I like str8guysouth's comment ;D

Woo, I like str8guysouth's comment ;D

Woo, someone knows what I like ;)

I love the way you think ;)

Wow, that around how old I was to when I got into this whole fetish :P Actually i'd say around 4 through 6, around the time I was really young and I first moved to this stupid town >:0

I really dont know @____@ Its been a life long thing, I still ask myself WHY lmao

Since you were a kid? what made you first decide that you wanted it?

Yeah I'm pretty horny. ;)

Someones horny XD

;D Now you have to do it to me.

Of course hun ;P

Can I do it? Preferably on your chest.

Ahh thats gonna be hard to do XP

sound like some real fun . if you can make me **** my pants i will share it with you .

Hehe ;P