Disabled Americans, That Can Not Work Or Get Help!!!!

i, was born in pittsburgh, pa. 6/7/1957 dropped out of school at age 15 yr's, went to work in the construstion industry, enlisted in the marines in 1973, obtained my GED, discharged in 10/28/1976, returned to construction, spent most of my life self-employed, was involved in an deadly auto accident in Florida 4010/1989 dead twice, revied, coma ten days, severed left arm, merdicarpals torn out, tendions, muschels, etc, thru winshield @ 85 mpf, bleeding on the brain, neck, back injuries, left leg truma, muscules, crushed pelvius, etc... had over thirty-eight operations spent 1 1/2 yr's in and out of hospital, more operations and my original hospital stay was 4 months, than released and in and out for next 14 months and under doctors care for two years proceeding the accident, i, attended the university of M

51-55, M
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****!...What's the rest of the story?....You stopped mid sentence!!.....WHY?<br />
<br />
<br />
Are you still with us?

Why would I shun you? You have been through alot...and you now attend the university of M...what are you taking up? I'm like WOW...How are you doing now? I know I have so many questions...I hope you don't mind me asking...