My Struggle

I want to be able to voice my truth and how I feel. I want others to accept what I have to say and not judge or be offended. I don't want to feel bad about my thoughts and feelings. Everyone has them. I am not judgmental, and very open minded. Why can't everyone else be?
My struggle with it is being an introvert and borderline. And its funny, because when I do voice a thought or how I feel, I get weird looks, or people seem to get angry or offended, disagree and judge. Nobody is use to me talking or having an opinion, or standing up for myself, so when I do, its like they try to put me back in line, because that's not like me.
I want to be able to voice my truth and be able to be okay with others reactions. I don't want to feel bad for expressing myself. I want to be honest and free of this repressed sh*t. I want to be okay being me.
rainmoon rainmoon
31-35, F
2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Thank you!! I needed that this morning...

You are able to do all of these things. no one is higher up than you. I accept you just as you are.