Night In The Castle

spending night in is like dream from can be exciting...:) castles are full of history..somebody really lived there... i am dreaming about being one of princesses, wearing beautiful dress and exploring the hiden places of the castle. I am dreaming about finding new corridors and exploring them step by step... :) i am dreaming about being scared to death by some old ghosts who will tell me their stories and i would try to help them find their afterlife piece...:) i am dreaming about having a big bed, with beautiful canopy hanging above it and meeting a beautiful princ who is waiting just for me..:) I am dreaming about the atmosphere...:) dreaming is fine, but i like my real life so i dont want to live there forever...:) 

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2 Responses Sep 10, 2011

oh a caslte sounds so romantic! what a great dream!

yes in scotland<br />
<br />
as kid my wife and dreamed of going to see where her family was from and my family was from and we were going to ship a bikeover to england and raid all over the island for a month or so<br />
but she got killed first at age 19