I Am Sooo Lucky.

Not only have I spent a weekend dressed in female clothing which was fantastic but I have spent a couple of weeks dressed up. Between relationships I was a happy single and dressed up at home anytime I wanted but the weekend was just not enough. I really wanted my nail varnish to start to chip naturally for example, I had spent so long making it perfect and then got rid of it before going to work on a Monday, that I wanted to experience what it must be like to actually wear it until it grew out..

So I planned a two week holiday at home. I told everyone in the family that I would be away so they didn't just drop by and the went shopping. I bought enough food, cigs and drink for the period and ensured I had enough pantyhose, make-up and nail varnish etc to last me. Then I got home on the Friday from work, took off my male clothes and chucked them in the wash whilst my bath ran. As part of the plan, I removed all my boy clothes from my room and only had girl clothes in my wardrobe and drawers. I also had a top notch video camera set up from work to capture my "Holiday". In the bath, I shaved my legs to ensure they were really smooth and after getting out I did my make-up and slipped into my first girly clothes for my happy fortnight. I will write elsewhere about the fantastic time I had, but all I can say here is, if you get the chance grab it with both hands!
SusanMarina SusanMarina
1 Response May 24, 2012

Fantastic and isn't it wonderful to be ourselves, dressed for extended periods of time? I certainly would love to hear more ... especially how you felt about being out and about as one of the girls.