I've Spent Entire Weeks

Since the beginning for me, my desire was not only to dress lie a girl but to be out in public as one. My first weekend out was at age 17, many years ago, and I was alone throughout.
When my girl side exploded out about 15 years ago I started meeting other trannies, first online and then in person and we had quite a local crowd of girls who all wanted to go out.
We would, once a month or so, plan something for the weekend and share rooms somewhere and stay femme for the weekend.
But I also started traveling for work to various cities out west and I met a lot of the girls in those places and they became close friends. I'd have a 5 day class and would stretch it to 9 days and except for the classes themselves I would stay enfemme the rest of the time, day and night on weekends, and during the days I would shop and tourist. Alone and at night I'd meet friends and go to clubs or sometimes just out to eat. And most of my friends were TS, not TV, and all were very comfortable out in the world and I got to be also.
Eventually my work travel ended, but at that point I started taking solo vacations to SF mostly, but also Vegas and a few other cities, and I would fly out with no male clothes except the one set on my back. I couldn't fly en femme, security doesn't allow that, you have to match your ID in appearance, but the minute I checked in I'd shave, shower, and do my nails, and from that point on I'd spend the rest of my 10 day vacation as a woman.
During the days I'd do tourist things alone and usually meet nice people (mostly women) to hang out with for a few hours, and at night I would meet my friends and go to dinner and maybe a club after. And when they'd leave to go home I'd go out alone late night, to a sex club on the nights they were open and to tranny clubs on other nights, and always find some men (or lots of men in the sex clubs) to play with.
I missed my girl vacation last year but m hoping to get away early in the coming year.
And it is really cool living as a woman for a long period like that, I get lost in it. But at the same time it gets a little tiring after awhile, unlike genetic women I have to do a complete makeup job and get fully dressed to even go out for coffee in the morning and feel comfortable with myself.
And after a week, from close shaving and reapplying my makeup twice a day, my skin starts getting irritated.
And by the time it's time to come home, and I've put back my male flying clothes for the trip home, I'm ready for it and actually enjoy a few days of not having to dress up first thing.
Maybe if I had full electrolysis and fuller hair and a little feminization facial surgery it'd be totally different, I'd be comfortable out with minimal makeup when I wanted.
But, I really do love living as a woman for awhile and it's good for my emotional side and good for my confidence.
And after awhile I can't wait to get back to it.
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Sep 7, 2012