Sometimes I feel EP is a distraction from accomplishing goals (real life goals) like learning, speaking, teaching and fellowshiping around God's Word more, learning Spanish and that kinda stuff.  What do you all think?

  edit: Also I have not met any EP friends in real life or even spoken on the phone with any EPers.

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1 Response Jan 16, 2009

Wrong. And I'm commenting. <br />
I have been spending way too much time here because I don't have anything pressing outside my home right now, I got closed out of the class I signed up for, and I have other commitments and can't take anything else on right now. If someone is neglecting a goal or commitment they are probably using this as a distraction or avoidance.<br />
I don't do anything with anybody here in my real life. What I do on EP stays on EP and I know lots of others do the same.