Oh, Yes.

It's a day of hazy, cloud blurred sun.  A tickle of a breeze brushes through the trees creating a hushed murmur.  I set about the task of hanging freshly washed clothes on the line.  I bend to the wicker basket, reach for a wet shirt, shake it and pin it to the line.  The breeze takes it and makes it dance like a pinned puppet on a wire. Brushing the hair from my eyes I repeat the process, kicking the wicker basket with my bare foot to move it down the row as I go.   I feel so completely connected to this moment.  A chore I have done for forty years and yet every time, a wave of sublime contentment and tender peace washes over me as I participate in this simple, mundane, tiny movement of living.




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5 Responses Aug 19, 2009

Thank you Freya for hearing what I was trying to say.<br />

Thank you for writing this! Being awake to life really is a glorious thing. For a second just now, I got to be alive to pinning a shirt on a clothesline.

Crikey! I do it as quickly as possible, cursing the line which seems to get tangled up and wondering why the hell there is so much washing day after day!<br />
But beautifully written and very evocative Nancy.<br />
I envy your serenity and think maybe I should get a bit more zen like with domestic chores as I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time doing them!!

Laundry with a mountain view, how wonderful. :)

It's good to mix some pleasure with the mundane chores of life. I look out over the fields at the mountain range to the west when hanging out the laundry.