One Day With You

I’ve been dreaming of the day

I see you are standing there

Your dreamy eyes, your warm smile

Make me feel so crazy inside


Sitting under the cinnamon branches

My hand’s reaching out for yours

Smelling your hair, your skin’s fragrance

Searching for my reflection in your eyes


Watching you tasting chinese food

Imagine you’ll smile and say uhm this is good

Let me drown in your eyes

And taste your lips of wine



Silenly we’ll sit on the riverside

I’ll tell you my dream that I’ve never told

Will you wrap me in your arms even just for a while

Let me burry my face in your neck


Let us embrace the peaceful moment together

Feeling safe with you by my side

Forget all my sorrow and sadness

Listen to the love in my heart grows stronger



Together we will watch the sunset

How I wish time could stop at that moment forever

Just one perfect day with you

Make me remember for my whole life

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7 Responses Mar 15, 2010

lost me at the chinese food part, but still very nice lol

This is so sweet and beautiful... I remember these feelings well....

wuhuuuu heh

Oh my goodness, Super-D...this is just absolutely incredible! I hope this dream would last the whole day...and many more days.......... *hugs*

This puts a smile on my face :) I can see it clearly!

:) Awwww, I think we may have another romantic in amongst us...<br />
<br />
I'm curious, this guy isn't Chinese?

...and that he's having it too :P