My Bestfriend Boyfriend

me and my boyfriend knew each other since the 9th grade ironically we hated each other at first, but later became best friends later on in high school we watched each other grow, date, mature, but we were best friends nothing more. I was crushing on him on and off in high school because he was the one man in my life that I could trust. as time went on people would say we were too close to be friends e.g. I would sleep in his bed we would change in front of each other etc....but nothing more. Now were in senior year in high school (back then) and were applying to colleges and we both ended up going to the University at Albany. The first semester I was messing around with and significant amount of guys, never having sex with them (because I was a virgin). I saw that every time I had a boyfriend or was with a guy he would get angry but didn’t put two and two together. After my messing around phase i realized that the guys didn’t amount to him and there was something missing with them, it was then that i realized that i was in love with him, my best friend of five years. i fount out that he was feeling the same way but not from him but from my friends. it was spring break freshman year in college and we went to Texas together. we stayed at his sisters house. (my sister kicked me out and he gave me a place to stay since senior year in high school. But anyway we were laying in the bed one night facing each other and he said "can i have a kiss". i was surprised but i knew that kissing him was all i could think of. After awhile of going back and forth he put his hand on my chin and lifted it and he kissed me. it was wonderfulllll omg ever  since then we have been going out. i gave him my virginity because i knew him before we were intimately together and i love him he was there for me through so many things e.g. my parents dying, my sister not showing up to my graduation. Everything we even traveled to Ecuador together. I am afraid to lose him not only as my bf but my bfff i vowed before i said yeas to him asking me out that no matter what we will never stop being friends. i am excited because we are going to make a year in two months and 11 months in a couple of days he is my heart and i want to spend the rest of my life with him. I dont need anyone ells. he has my heart always. The way i look at it is we have our ups and downs but in the end it is more than worth it. So if you people out there really can’t see your self with no one ells keep him or her if there good to you like my baby is good to me.

sunyalbany sunyalbany
Mar 7, 2010