Want A Lady To Love And Spoil

I want a lady to love and spoil. For some reason i have this want to soil a lady fully support them with everything from money to love i want to find that woman that i can support, her wants her needs her endeavors her goals. I want to make her comfortable, cook her the tastiest foods take her on trips were ever she wants and support her habits. If she likes smoking i want to make sure she has all the ciggs she needs if she likes drinking then she gets what she wants when she wants. Want her to always feel loved. I had an interesting child hood strick father whos biggest goal was to inforce a sence of work ethic. Got wipped and beat if we didnt work hard enough. at one point we were on the run from the police in hiding in the woods in NH. lost alot of friends to that and alot i lost to drugs, was never close with my exteneded family and i have seen the way alot of men treat there woman and hate it i suppose all that has realy made me want to have that person u love and to take total care of them. maybe im messed up maybe im not.
Woodman1928 Woodman1928
1 Response May 8, 2012

your not. Thank you for not loosing who you are and fighting for what you desire. If your like me, no matter how people hurt you, even though it takes time to heal, something inside still desires to love and care for others. Dont stop being you no matter what happens.