I Want to Fork and Knife Also!

Some spooning time would be quite lovely.  I could use a warm body cuddled up to mine.  Would be quite therapeutic :-)
ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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10 Responses Aug 20, 2007

me too, I've never had a regular spooning partner though, sure would be nice :)

yes, it's a great feeling. I miss it terribly.

Definitely...it is therapeutic.

Yeah I hear that from a lot of people who've gone through tough relationships...but the grass is always greener right? I haven't had any sort of relationship in years. I'd love to spoon with someone who truly cares as well...I think spooning was made for that...Only people who really like each other spoon.

She cares, but I just kept wishing it was someone else; someone I wanted. So even though it was nice and all...it left me feeling empty.

Yeah Demigodess you are onto it :-) I didn't know how much sexual innuendo is associated with silverware until now...it's rather interesting

Awww, I'm sorry sweety...That doesn't sound too great but keep in mind that at least you have somebody. I got no one LOL!!

Last night I was really down and wanted to be close. My boyfriend didn't want to hear it. The closest we get to spoon is him falling asleep drunk touching my head.

I'm ready!! Are you curled up?

Oh, let's then.