Yes, Yes I Do...

... I so want to wrap my palms around each butt cheek, place my lips against yours, and squeeze you as I pull you in close to me, tasting you and hearing your sighs when you feel my excitement and arousal pressed against you.
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23 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I prefer it when I stand on the bed, that way you can get a proper hold ;)

I love how you go on tip-toe when I do...

I love it when you squeeze my butt when we kiss :)

Yes, Sara blushing..... and I know how steamy the reality probably was..... whew!

Sara? Blushing? No waayyy!<br />
<br />
If you knew how tame this really was... heh

If you do not Understand My Silence,<br />
You Will not Understand My Words

Damn... listening to you two going at it like this made ME blush!!!!!


hahaha, a bit backward, eh?

now that was just nasty!

tickle, tickle

Ooo yeah baby, that's so sexy when you do that<br />
<br />
<br />
do it again

heh, was it the way my fingers <em>stroked</em> the keyboard?

****, I actually did

ah, problem solved... prepare to blush again xx

They normally end up in a heap on the floor

well, then they will look good laying beside you, wouldn't they?

no?<br />
<br />
what if I said it matched my knickers?

sorry, color coordination is not a convincing enough argument for you to keep your ladies confined

It matches my bra

that shade of red suits you, Beautiful ^_^

Very nice, remembering when I did that and she melted.......

hehe I blushed