I do frequently.... and you squeeze mine...  we both love it.
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Sara,now you are married.You cannot flirt around like before.Or both of you are going to join the flirting.

I would say TOTALLY for their personal gratification.... <br />
<br />
But if you and Lala were happy with me and Lala seeing each other on the side......

Hahaha, no! They don't care who they share with, and they show little to no respect for their wives. It seems to be mostly for their personal gratification.

A nice feeling when receiving it. That's for sure. I like it.

Oh... an experienced man... gotcha. Say, you wouldn't be planning to join any of those "I want to share my wife" groups would you?

You act as if I haven't done this before, heh...

I just don't need any hands in the way, you understand... full breast contact is necessary...

Now, did I say anything about full restraints? Noooo... ^_^

No... I want her to be able to grind....

Shall I hold her still for you? *_*

Of course if I could kiss HER and squeeze HER butt......

Ahh... she'd just laugh (and punish me later).

Hey there Depths... no way I'm squeezing YOUR butt... I don't want Mrs. Ninjacake coming at me with a knife!!!!!

Funny, I didn't feel a thing... O.o

Ummmm!! Yummy kisses and butt squeezing! Is there anything better? :-)

We do the same thing!