She Whispered In My Ear, I Want To Squirt

When I first met her she had been married for 40 years and only had been with her husband that really did not know anything about sex but missionary position and nothing else. I was on a photo shoot in Tennesee and we met at a waterfall and she was exploring her new freedom and learning how to use a camera. What really attracted me was her flame red hair, in all my lifeI had never been with a redhead and she was a very pretty woman. I showed her some things about her camera and gave her some hints on shooting telling her about lighting and composition. I asked her where she was going to have lunch and she told me that she did`nt have very much money so probably somewhere cheap. I told her I was camped at a state park and I had plenty of lunch meat or hot dogs and cold drinks and if she wanted to she was welcome to have lunch with me for free. She was kind of hesitant but I convinced her that I was not a pervert or serial killer and so we had lunch under the trees.
We talked about photography, camping, our lives in general and our marriages and after she had drank a couple of glasses of wine she just started talking. She told me about her husband and sleeping in her own room for the last seven years she finally saved some money and left him.
  She really was`nt sure what she was going to do or where she was going to settle down, right now she was just enjoying her freedom. I did not think she should have another glass of wine but she insisted she was fine so I let her have one more. I really should not have let her have another glass, she started crying about not feeling like a woman and how her husband treated her. She had tears in her eyes and I really felt bad for her but was`nt sure if I should give some some advice or what. She got up and asked me where the rest rooms were and I noticed she was not quite walking right so I got up to help her. When we got to the restroom I told her I would wait for her by the door. After about 10 minutes and she did not come out I asked a lady going in if she could check on her. A few minutes past and they came out and the one kady said she found her passed out, I thanked her and took her back to my tent and laid her down so she could sleep.
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I think she needed to pee by the sounds of it.. lol..