Gentlemen Learn How To Make Your Lady Squirt!

Nothing and i mean nothing feels as good as squirting. I never knew this was possible until it happened to me! I was so confused when this happened to me and yet it felt so good. Ladies if you do not squirt you are missing out! I encourage every female to take your time and research this you'll not be sorry.
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16 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Juicy, how did you learn to squirt? Would love to be able to make this happen!

I have 2 posts on squirting, "Squirting 101 and Squirting 102" in my profile that I wrote quite a while ago. I hope it can help someone out there cause squirting is great.

If a man takes his time to learn the woman's body all women can squirt, and it really is awesome for both parties involved.

If a man knows what he is doing he can make most women squirt and I love having a woman squirt in my mouth and all over my face.

I guess no one has read my stories Squirting 101 and 102 in I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SQUIRT.

I do not need **** videos to learn about making a woman squirt, I know how you dumbass.

I love making a lady squirt!

What is the key to getting you to squirt? I am open to suggestions so I can try it on my wife.

Read my stories in "I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SQUIRT", titles are Squirting 101 and Squirting 102. I believe these will help men and women learn to squirt.

Love having a woman squirt while I'm eating her *****

What could be better than a women squirting?

I luv a squirter. It's a rush to be eating a ***** that **** like that!!

I so much love to have her squirt in my face What an awesome thing it is

Squirting can be taught, i'd urge all men to research how to do it...i did, and it worked the first time with a woman who had never squirted before....yum

i never stop trying

I make my wife squirt EVERY time, I go out of my way to make sure she does, mostly with my tongue and thumb at the same time then when she pushes me off, I plunge in, she loves the 1st moment of entry at that point and always squirms and gets vocal at that point. I am hoping she will cuckold me, but I would be heartbroken if I had to give that up with her, but I would if that is what she wanted!

I love to make women squirt! I try to make it happen before I **** them. Of course, it dosent always happen, but I love to try!