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i meet a woman in us for 3 weeks ago, and we have talk about just this to try litle belly fetish and stab games, and i get to try stab her in the navel button with a thin and sml srew, not so deep, just so it went in to her skin and so litle blood come out, she love it and me to.

if you like to try it, be safe and talk and just try to stab under the navel, and not stright in to the belly deep, just a litle bit so the skin burst and remeb, to talk all about at first.

and i allways looking for woman how are in to this and like to try it with me.

feel free to ask me, and writh to me.
adams2010 adams2010
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

i want someone to take a sharp knife and slowley stabbed it into my navel.

its a sweet feeling to get to do that, and if you have Facebook, its no problem to get your dream come true, search there for Navel Fetish, Belly stab so are you going to get many pepoles like you how are in to this and many how are wiling to help you,, i can to do it with you.

i just d it 2 times now, so good feeling to stab a person, sex to.

hi like belly stabb so much. plz talk to me about belly stabb at my no.+918528398987.

Me too

Hi I want to stab my belly...
Then reply..

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